2015-2016 Photographer of the Year

…and the final tally has been done. This year’s Photographer of the Year is Kim Bybjerg. A well deserved win, Kim entered into the full spirit of the POTY competition with superb entries every month bar January when he was unable to submit. Take a look at his IMAGES 2015-2016 season portfolio…

Sept 2nd Place "Prayer Time"

Sept 2nd Place “Prayer Time”

Sept 5th Place "White Cross"

Sept 5th Place “White Cross

Oct 1st Place "Take a Pick"

Oct 1st Place “Take a Pick”

Nov 4th Place "Daniel"

Nov 4th Place “Daniel”

Dec 1st "King of the Alley"

Dec 1st Place “King of the Alley”

Feb 1st "Scheveningen Blues"

Feb 1st Place “Scheveningen Blues”

March 3rd Place "Velo"

March 3rd Place “Velo”

Apr =1st "Tulips"

Apr =1st Place “Tulips”

Apr 5th "Hyacinths"

Apr 5th Place “Hyacinths”

May 3rd Place "Flagler College on a Rainy Day"

May 3rd Place “Flagler College on a Rainy Day”

May 5th Place "Rain on Bikes"

May 5th Place “Rain on Bikes”

Place Name Total Points
1 Kim Bybjerg 44
2 Dawn Black 29
3 Heather Oortman 24
4 Catherine Aitken 24
5 Graham Fleet 19
6 Joop Peerboom 12
7 Lex Scheers 5
9 Tony Roe 5
8 Lesley Robertson 3
10 Trevor Simpson 3
11 Andre Meyer-Vitali 1
12 Tim Lock 1

All images © Kim Bybjerg