Club Night – Grand Finale

The AGM will not be held at Bloom but at Joop’s house. Use the Contact Us to request details.

AGM and POTY finale

  • AGM will start at 7.00pm sharp.
  • We will hold the “Photograph of the year” POTY final:
  • All first placed POTY photographs this season will be on display;
  • Members present will choose the overall winner 2014 – 2015.

End of season meal 8.30 pm & POTY trophy presentation

  • After the AGM we have booked tables at Strandtent DOEN! at the boulevard Scheveningen for a meal at 8.30 pm.
  • Each member can order and pay for their own food and drinks.
  • Member and guests will be given a voucher each for one welcome drink.
  • Registration is free of charge for members and their guests.

RSVP up till 10 June, no later please.

Use the Contact Us page to let us know of your interest

Stating that you wish to;

  • Register
  • How many guests will accompany you
  • Be at the AGM
  • Be at the AGM and dinner