Club Night – Speaker

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 19:45 – 22:00

SPEAKER: Gerard Oostermeijer presents “The Beauty of the Unspectacular”

“In my work as Assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam, I mainly focus on processes in small, fragmented populations of endangered plant- and animal species. In addition, I teach field biology, biodiversity and conservation biology. In my spare time, I try to be outside with my camera as much as possible, trying to capture the essence of the landscape and its details. As one of my fellow photo club members once remarked, I am not really a nature photographer, but “a photographer with nature and landscape as subjects”. This remark was probably inspired by the fact that I work mainly in black and white, which immediately leads to a form of abstraction from reality. Hence, my photographs are not really a literal representation of my subjects, but rather an interpretation of how I personally see or feel them.”

To see Gerard’s work go to his website HERE

IMAGE © Gerard Oostermeijer – TREES

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