Clubnight November 19th 2019

At our venue Koorenhuis, at Prinsegracht 27 The Hague, near to Grote Markt and tram line 3, we welcome you from 19:30hrs onwards. Our room number is 0.01 (ground level).

The program of the evening is as follows: – 8.20 pm : Joop starts with a short presentation explaining the contents of this evening’s meeting, continuing working with 3 by 3 squares . Please bring your laptop and/or camera and/or telephone with you, of course with batteries telephones/laptops fully charged and with an empty memory card!

8.20 pm – 9.:00 pm: first half of the evening: weather permitting we will move outside the building to take some shots; if not, we will just remain inside!

9:00 pm – 9.15 pm: POTY and break:  This month’s theme is low key. Follow the link for more details and inspiration. The judging of the photos will take place during the break. 

9.15 pm – 9.50 pm Together we will discuss the photos taken and, if possible, make a digital version of your favourite 9 photos!
9.50- 10.00 pm Announcement of the top 5 POTY photos, and any other business.

The Koorenhuis bar is open till about 10:30 -11:00hrs.

We remember paying your membership fee

Try it out at home: