The POTY or Photographer Of The Year is the IMAGES club competition where each member may enter one or two photos to suit a monthly theme. Judging is done by all members in a secret ballot. Winners are announced per month and scores are aggregated to decide the Photographer of The Year at the end of the club season. There is an additional award where the monthly winners are entered into a competition for the Photo Of The Year.

Download our POTY COMPETITION rules to see all the details.


First introduced in 2005, the POTY continues to be a regular feature of the club’s activities with the first book appearing in 2011.

The annual POTY books contain the Top 5 photos for each month. See Preview, below, to browse the pages of a book and click on the icon to order a book from the Blurb website. The latest POTY books are also available as downloads: POTY Book 2022-23 and POTY Book 2023-24.

PreviewOrderPhotographer of the Year Photo of the Year by:
2023-2024Theo MahieuMichael Selwood
2022-2023John StrattonJohn Stratton
2021-2022Lex ScheersSusanne Engelhardt
2020-2021Lex ScheersJohn Stratton
2019-2020Lex ScheersRoberto Francini
2018-2019Timco van Brummelen Susanne Engelhardt
2017-2018Heather Oortman-Bridge Cristina Baroncelli
2016-2017Graham Fleet Heather Oortman-Bridge
2015-2016Kim Bybjerg Lex Scheers
2014-2015Heather Oortman-Bridge Joop Peerboom
2013-2014Heather Oortman-Bridge   –
2012-2013   –   –
2011-2012   –   –
2010-2011   –   –


To see the themes for each month of all the previous years, visit the POTY Archive Page.