Event – Daytrip to Radio Kootwijk

Daytrip to Radio Kootwijk and nature reserve Kootwijker zand Sunday, 31-05-2015


Radio Kootwijk is a small town in the Dutch municipality of Apeldoorn and situated in a forest-rich territory in the Veluwe region, east of the sand hills of the Kootwijkerzand and the town of Kootwijk (approx.. 75 minutes by car from The Hague). Radio Kootwijk basically is a shortwave transmitter site founded in 1918 and this transmitters played an important role in the 20th century as a communication facility between the Netherlands and its former colony of Dutch East Indies. In 1923 trans-oceanic telegraphy using a longwave transmitter started. Due to the development of new technologies like satellite communication, Radio Kootwijk lost its position as main overseas wireless connection point of the Netherlands and in 1980 the last transmission mast abandoned. In 2004 the park was transferred to the State Forestry Commission and the main building of the former transmitter park, named “The Sphynx”, was officially appointed as a monument.







The State Forestry Commission organises guided excursions in the former transmitter building and the surrounding nature reserve, entrance fee is approx. 15.00 Euro. If interested in this daytrip, please dispatch an E-mail before 16-05-2015 to hoortman@gmail.com with subject “Kootwijk” and indicate that you will participate and whether you bring a guest. Please also indicate whether you are able to provide transport, i.e. you are willing to drive and take club members with you. We will try to co-ordinate transport from a central location in The Hague and those driving will be compensated for the petrol costs. Indications for costs per person are (not including drinks and lunch):

Entrance fee:    15.00 €

Transport:          Approx. 15.00 €, to be shared amongst those willing to drive (assuming four persons per vehicle)

Departure from The Hague will be 09:00 in the morning and expected return travel will be around 18:00, this gives us more than 6 hours in the park.