May 18th, 2021 Nico Laan gave a presentation on his work. He uses landscape photography to archive his work. Usually at some height using a kite or a drone. He adds drawings and objects to the landscape. The aim is to create an image that is in balance with the environment but at the same time takes the necessary distance from it. Archiving through photography is essential. Not only because the works are very ephemeral, from a few hours to a few weeks at the most, but also because of the point of view is out of reach. His work is also presented in the collection of WePresent and published in Stirworld.  Nico can be found at Instagram.

April 20th, 2021 Colin Harrison presented his work. He became interested in photography as a teenager using a camera to capture disappearing steam locomotives around the world and his photographic style gradually changed in producing more creative and pictorial images. He started entering National and International Photographic Exhibitions and gained the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in 1993. He stimulated and developed his photographic work in a goal-oriented approach in which different qualifications played an imported role. A similar presentation is embedded.

Tuesday October 20th, 2020 Paul Sanders gave a presentation on his landscape photography. At the lecture Paul Photography explained how photography can be a way to own the moment you are in and can help focus your mind. For Paul state of mind and the photographic expression are interconnected. Mindfullness helps to be observative and create stillness both in mind and in photograph. For Paul, photography is a way to be mindful. See the embedded recent online masterclass. Paul Sanders is also on Facebook: Discover Still by Paul Sanders where he shares his photography and personal thoughts.

Tuesday September 15th 2020 David Keep gave a presentation at the opening of the season. At the lecture David presented lots of photos and explained the projectwise prepartions he undertook to create the opportunity for making his pictures. With wide ranging subjects  underwaterphotography, sports, landscape, people. David Keep is also on Facebook and has a YouTube channel with over 60 videos.