Photographer Of The Year 2023-2024

The Photographer of the Year, season 2023-2024: Theo Mahieu.

The Photo of the Year, season 2023-2024 was the winner of the “Bridges” theme from September 2023: ‘Workaday Bridge’, by Michael Selwood.

The POTY is a monthly photography competition among members on a monthly theme. At the end of the year the person with the highest score is the Photographer of the Year. At the end of the year a Photograph of the Year is elected from all the number 1 entries you can see in the gallery on this page. On the Archive page you will find links to the POTY pages of other years as well as a link to the POTY competition rules.

The themes for 2023-2024

Each theme has its own page, which contains tutorials and examples to inspire you. The results of the POTY (including the 5 best pictures) have been added to these pages during the year and will be published in a book.

September 2023: Bridges was won by Michael Selwood with “Workaday Bridge”

October 2023: Plants was won by Dipanjan Mukherjee with “Aftermath”

November 2023: Tombstones was won by Theo Mahieu with “Old grave, Cemetery Oud Eik en Duinen”

December 2023: Night was won by Lesley Robertson with “The Dutch entry”

January 2024: Trains and boats and planes (and trams) was won by Josanne Bouman with “Goodbyes at pretty train stations”

February 2024: Macro was won by Michael Selwood with “Samacia divisa”.

March 2024: Weather was won by Lucy Lebedinskaya with “L’heure bleue”.

April 2024: On, in or by the sea was won by Theo Mahieu with “Walking along the sea”

May 2024: Fetes and festivals was won by Michael Selwood with “Corso – Earth, fire & water”

The monthly winners for 2023-2024