English speaking photoclub @ The Hague


Based in The Hague, Images International Photoclub welcomes members of all nationalities, ages, skill levels and camera types. Join us. We come from different countries around the globe and passion for photography is what we have in common. Watch the video below, read more or contact us now.


COVID-19 Update: Last year all meetings were virtual. In September we had the first mixed meeting: partly live at Koorenhuis and partly virtual.  October 19th Koorenhuis is closed due to Autumn holidays and the meeting will be virtual.

Virtual Clubnight September 15th 2020

Virtual club night, Tuesday 21 April 2020

Weekly 3×3 ‘Lock-Down’ challenge

Clubnight, March 17th 2020

Images Visit to Antwerp

Club Night, 18th February 2020

Clubnght January 21st 2020

Christmas night 2019

Clubnight November 19th 2019

Clubnight Octobre 15th 2019 – 3×3 experiments

Clubnight with Leigh Preston – October 8, 2019

Clubnight with André Bergmans – September 17, 2019