Delft, March 4th 2018

On the 4th of March 2018, a number of IMAGES members visited Delft for a walk through the historical center. Starting 15:00 at the Delft train station we divided ourselves in smaller groups and strolled along the old canals and the historical buildings. With all the photographic possibilities that this old city has to offer and the fact that there was still ice and snow present, it sounds obvious that members returned home with a load of photographs. The afternoon was finished with an enjoyable get-together in one the old pubs in the city center. This was a nice example of an easy to organize, easy to travel to and informal gathering for a Sunday afternoon. Repetition for other near-by places, in the same informal setting, is recommended.

Pictures by Heather Oortman

Pictures by Lex Scheers

Pictures by Kamal Ahmed

Pictures by Timco van Brummelen