©Timco van Brummelen - Tunnel selfie

‘I am working on series of photographs in a fixed format, to challenge and improve my photography, to express my emotions and to tell a story. On this page you see three of my series.’


1 Traveling by car I experience freedom. Photo’s were taken in the Netherlands at 80-100 km/h in the passenger seat.

2. The Zandmotor. A stage in which people wander around to experience the ever-changing play of sun, sea, sky and shoreline. It gives me a feeling of freedom. All pictures were taken along the Dutch coast between Ter Heijde and Kijkduin.

Roadtrip USA 2017- Photo’s taken from the passenger seat of a driving car. It’s a thrill to travel through these wide and endless landscapes. I love the feeling of travelling and looking around.

And some other pictures (POTY or daytrips)