My name is Heather Oortman, born and raised in Crosby near Liverpool in the UK, but have lived in Holland for many moons!

I was first introduced to photography when at Art Collage in Southport studying among other subjects graphic design.
I have worked both in Liverpool and The Hague in advertising as a Graphic Designer.
My interests are mainly art, culture and creativity and have always been intensely interested in photography.
So after my children left home I felt the need to spend more time improving my knowledge of photography and found Images the perfect environment to do this in, and have been an IMAGES member since 2008.
Many times I have joined in hands-on club events, weekends away and listened to many intriguing and well known speakers and learned an amazing amount, but above all have had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed meeting many interesting and knowledgeable people from the expat world.