Photographer Of The Year 2021-2022

The POTY is a monthly photography competition among members on a monthly theme. At the end of the year the person with the highest score is the Photographer of the Year. One photo is elected as Photograph of the Year from all the number 1 entries you can see in the gallery on this page. On the Archive page you will find links to the POTY pages of other years as well as a link to the competition rules.

The themes for 2021-2022

Each theme has its own page, which contains tutorials and examples to inspire you. The results of the POTY (including the 5 best pictures) have been added to these pages during the year and will be published in a book.

September 2021 ‘Balancing Act’ was won by Susanne Engelhardt with ‘Temporary balance’

October 2021 ‘Dawn’ was won by Theo Mahieu with ‘Daybreak at the beach; Ameland’

November 2021 ‘Environmental Trash’ was won by Roberto Francini with ‘Trash Nest’

December 2021 ‘Candlelight’ was won biy Lex Scheers with ‘Candlelight and star’

January 2022 ‘Starry Starry Night’

February 2022 ‘Wind Power’

March 2022 ‘It’s a bug’s life’

April 2022 ‘Sport’

May 2022 ‘Old’