Presentation by Giedo van der Zwan on his work and approach to photography.

Wednesday 18 April 2023

Giedo van der Zwan
Giedo van der Zwan

Giedo van der Zwan (1967), is a Dutch street photographer who has received international recognition and has exhibited his work in museums in his home country and abroad.

Most people know Giedo from his beach work but, as a street photographer, he is also keen to shoot in more urban environments. 

Giedo started a long-term project ‘Pier to Pier’ in 2017 and in June 2018 he published a book and started his solo exhibition on the Pier of Scheveningen under the same title.

Giedo has a recognizable photographic style; shooting with a wide lens and often with a flash, preferably close to people and from multiple perspectives, he likes to create bright, sharp, colourful images that show ‘real people’ in their environment and reflect his positive view of the world. 

His images often contain something unexpected. That can be an emotion, a quirky detail, an absurd scene, but at the same time he seems to aim for quite clean and layered, images.

In his interesting and humorous presentation, Giedo took us on a tour through his work, showed his approach and told us about his projects, his lessons learned and the ‘why’ of his photography.

See more details on his website.