7th October visit to Brielle and the Maasvlakte

A group of people is planning to go to Brielle and the Maasvlakte. So far we were struggling with public transport (it takes far too long). Tuesday October 4 we were able to organise some cars for Saturday 7th October. ​We know this is short notice, but if you can find time and would like to join us, please do so! Please register by sending an email to general@imagesphotoclub.com​​. There is a limited number of car seats available.

​We start​ the event at 2pm, meeting place will be CS Den Haag​,​ available cars​ ​will park in front of the sta​t​i​on​​ in the Rijnstraat exit.We​ will ​ to go to Brielle for a couple of hours. Then have an early diner ​at our own cost ​and go on to the Maasvlakte so we can catch the afternoon with the late afternoon lighting at the Maasvlakte area.

NB Port of Rotterdam has a photo contest running each month and you can check out earlier material to get an impression

On behalf of the committee members. Kind regards