POTY 2018 – 2019

The POTY is a monthly photography competition among members on themes. At the end of the year this results in a Photographer of the Year and an elected Photograph of the Year. The Photographer of the Year will be made public on the AGM (June 18th) We will then also select the Photograph of the Year.

Each theme page contains the results of the POTY (including the 5 best pictures) and the link to the YouTube assignment from The Art of Photography, a YouTube channel by Ted Forbes. There will be a book available on the Poty themes at Blurp.

The themes for 2018-2019 were:

September theme Low angle winner was ‘Volta’s Staircase’ by Timco van Brummelen

October theme Eye level winner was ‘Eager to see?’ by Susanne Engelhardt

November theme High Angle winner was ‘All set for Sunday’ by Susanne Engelhardt 

December theme One Colour winner was ‘Yellow Gingko’ by Heather Oortman

January theme Motion winner was ‘Martinica, Boy & Surf’ by Roberto Francini   

February theme Still life winner was ‘Liquorice, all sorts’ by Heather Oortman-Bridge  

March theme Personal freedom winner was ‘My Clothes, My Freedom’ by Heather Oortman-Bridge

April theme Positive and negative space in photography winner was ‘Reach for the Sky’ by Lesley Robertson 

May theme Self portrait (faceless) winner was ‘Mirror picture’ by Timco van Brummelen